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FC Application Service Engineer


Hà Nội


  • To audit and deploy the right SOP of FC product application in sale field. To provide basic feasibility study on system and maintenance audit.  The discipline of application methodology for all FC product application inclusive.  To involve in CCAR process related to application of FC products in Vietnam.
  • Carry on/Coordinate and execute the flow process – in managing SYSTEM project. Those actions are inclusive but not limited to.
    • commercial team and RnD for SYSTEM design, selection, installation and commission    (
    • Perform the feasibility at customer site for study possibility to install System:
    • Issue Budgetary BOM and quotation to the commercial guys.
    • Coordinate with the Project Manager of each SYSTEM project and customer to ensure all smooth flow information and complete commissioning.
    • Audit – Vesuvius SYSTEM in the area (such as Ladle Slidegate, CNC, IPV etc) about application, identify weakness and rectify application.
  • Coordinate /Execute and hand over Operation/Application of other Flow Control products and other Digital service products to ensure suitable application process have been implemented in customer location.
  • Coordinate /Follow up – for trial, selection and improvement FC product using in the area. (such as Wellblock, Inner nozzle, Plate, Collector nozzle, CNC nozzle etc.).
  • Any other assignment as per Steel Application Director SEA would enquired.
  • Bachelor of Mechanical, Electrical & Engineering.
  • High Vocational Certificate with Experience in Mechanical or Electrical assignment would be beneficial.  
  • 5-10-year experiences.
  • 1-2 years experience in machine installation/mechanical/electrical equipment installation would be a plus.
  • Experience working in Steel Mills is the plus.
  • English and computer skills.
  • Team work and good leadership skills.
  • Good problem-solving skills.
  • Good communication and presentation skills.

-     Mechanical challenge on SYSTEM suitable selection, installation, commissioning, and problem solving.

-     Solving quality issue of product

-     Assist customer to improve productivity and cost by proposing company product,

  • Hotline: (84)0938800127
  • Tel: (848) 39101126
  • Email: nga.vo@talentviet.com