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Welcome to TalentViet

Are you looking for a streamlined human resource management and development system that works for your business?

TalentViet is your leading choice for human resources support in the fields of:


     - Executive search and selection

     - Payroll service

     - Staff outsourcing

TalentViet believes and understands that no organization can succeed without strong core values, highly competent Human Resources department and talent.


TalentViet was established by a creative, dynamic professional group with a wealth of experience in high-tech database systems, and we are proud to offer our client’s premium, world-class human resources services.


Our services will not only make your business more profitable in Vietnam’s developing economy, but we can help you to expand your markets, to manage new business segments, and save you time, money and administrative hassle.


We strive to serve our customers as expertly and efficiently as possible and welcome all feedback. We are always grateful for any suggestions on how we can improve our services.


Call TalentViet now at (84-8) 39101126 or email us at info@talentviet.com for dedicated members of staff.