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Executive Search and Selection

What is the most effective way to source and hire executives?
Our greatest strength is our team of dedicated, highly professional specialists, each of whom has an in-depth knowledge of the market and current business climate, as well as up to the minute insight into market shifts. Their skills enable them to understand which key people have the right expertise for your business.
Our extensive cutting-edge database systems allow to identify and hire the candidates that are an ideal match for your individual business needs.
By letting us assist you in yoursearch for top talent, you will find the best candidates for your company. By building an optimal labour force, your company’s productivity will be boosted beyond your expectations. And you can rest assured that TalentVietwill provide premiumservices that meet your specific and evolving recruitment needs at all times.
Our service is focused on the following industries:
•    Financial, Banking, Insurance Services
•    FMCG, Supply Chain & Logistics
•    Industrial, Oil & Gas
•    Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare

Please contact us today on (84-8) 3910 1126 to speak to one our dedicated members of staff. It is our pleasure to serve you!


In the process of global economic integration at Vietnam’s current rate of development, wage and payroll management has become quite a complex issue for many enterprises operating in Vietnam.
We can help you to implement effective payroll management procedures quickly and conveniently by:

•    Registering employees for social, health and accident insurance
•    Preparing labor contracts
•    Filing employee expenses reports (monthly/quarterly)

Our services can benefit your company in many ways. Contact us now at (84-8) 39101126 or email us at info@talentviet.com to find out how!


Staff outsourcing is not only a popular solution but also long-term strategy for most companies, and TalentViet’s highly qualified staff will ensure that you receive the best services for your company’s needs. TalentViet is your leading choice for human resources services. By letting us handle your staffing needs, you will have more time to focus on your corporate strategies.
Our services will help you to:

•    Reduce your recruitment workload, and meet your personnel demands quickly and precisely
•    Minimize your expenses and solve business pressures issues
•    Remove legal and dispute liability

Let TalentViet support you.  We can customize a premium human resources services package for your company that will exceed your expectations.
Please feel free to drop us a line via email or contact us now at (84-8) 39101126. We are always on hand to help!