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HR Manager


Vung Tau



1.  Set up annual Headcount Budget and manage effectively HR cost. 
2.  Establishes and disseminates the company’s rule and regulations for manpower planning and staffing. 
3.  Formulates the recruitment plans based on based on the set annual Headcount Budget.  
4.  Institutes effective techniques and processes to identify qualified candidates.   
5.  Ensures the placement of successful candidates as the requisition.   
6.  Making preliminary terms and conditions to employ new hires.  
7.  Providing and facilitate the induction training courses for new hires to equip the proper integration in 
the job and working environment.  
8.  Review, analyse statistical information and provide appropriate action plans e.g. New Hires, Turnover.
1.  Key driver to set up & maintain salary structure, compensation & benefits (C&B) policies.   
2.  Participate  in  market  total  compensation  survey  to  update  the  market  trend  (including  general  survey 
and specific survey), conduct necessary analysis to benefit proposals/ adjustments.  
3.  Ensure C&B policies are competitive, reasonable with the market and updated time to time basis.   
4.  Manage smoothly C&B operation including payroll, insurances, welfares etc. 
5.  Offer  Staff  the  equitable  salary  on  the  basis  of  the  value  of  their  job  responsibilities  and  their 
contributions to the objectives of the Company. 
6.  Making  the  appropriate  salary  action  is  taken  in  relation  to  personnel  action  such  as  hiring  rate, 
promotion  and  reclassification  increases,  general  salary  adjustment  and  other  forms  of  salary 
7.  Closely keep in touch with Group HR Team to conduct annual TCR program for managerial level. 
1.  Conduct  training  need  analysis  (TNA)  for  staff  to  identify  the  competency-gap  vs  the  competency 
description to maximize the high performance of company business. 
2.  Facilitating the company business & strategy into training development program. 
3.  Build  up  and  delivery  the  training  &  development  requirements/plans  for  all  Staff  in  line  with 
Company policy/objectives. 
4.  Set the annual training budget and closely manage effectively training cost.  
5.  Playing the role as the internal Trainer and enhance the effectiveness of internal training program.
6.  Establishes  the  on-the-job  methods  of  training,  coaching  and  development  in  accordance  with  the 
identified needs of Staff. 
7.  Establishes and disseminates policy and procedures for training and development.   
8.  Evaluates the results of a program to determine its effectiveness.
1.  Coordinate  with functional  manager  to  set  up  job  description,  job  evaluation,  job  grade,  organization 
structure and keep it updated time to time basis. 
2.  Ensure  succession  plan  is  available  and  corresponding  development  plans  in  place  for  all  identified 
succession plan positions. 
3.  Co-ordinate  to  build  a  sound,  positive,  professional  organization  culture/working  environment  and 
implement culture change initiatives consistent with the organization direction (vision, mission, values, 
core working principles). Promote and communicate Company Core Values. 
1.  Act as official company speaker to staff and key consultant in staff grievances. 
2.  Ensure labor discipline and company regulations, code of conduct, labour law, legal requirements  are 
effectively disseminated and complied. 
3.  Monitor  Trade  Union  relation  and  government  relation,  implement  initiatives  to  ensure  satisfaction 
among staff majority to retain talent staff and minimize staff turnover. 
4.  Maintains  a  continuous  communication  between  Staff  and  Management  focusing  on  issues  or 
situations in the workplace that may arises conflict or problems. 
5.  Ensures that Staff concerns or problems are restrained or minimized and resolved expeditiously to the 
satisfaction of both parties. 
6.  Provide HR consultation and assistance to managers of all levels and Management.
1.  Design the effective practice performance management for BU in line with Group PMS.
2.  Coordinate  the  performance  management  and  monitor  the  annual  performance  appraisal,  ensure  the 
appropriate training for application to Staff are conducted prior to implementation. 
3.  Implement initiatives to leverage a high performance within organization.
4.  Ensure  the  system  is  updated  time  to  time  basis  and  in  align  with  TCR,  training  and  development, 
Organization development.
1.  Set up the relevant policies and procedures to manage the admin activities.  
2.  Conduct Admin tasks: canteen, landscape, office facilities, annual Health examination stationery etc.
3.  Manage the admin cost effectively, implement initiatives to save the admin cost to company.
4.  Build up company events programme such as: Family day, Outing workshop, Anniversary etc. 
5.  Approval of all HR & admin related invoices as per authorisation matrix. 
6.  Facilitate appropriate celebrations and recognition of events for company. 
1.  Formulate, review the organizational chart in accordance with company’s structure change. 
2.  Formulate  an  effective  method  for  acquiring  information,  such  as  the  Staff’s  status,  conduct, 
development, work condition and other personnel. 
3.  Provide YTD information and ensure that such records are up-to-date for immediate reference.   
4.  Support Managers in coordination of personnel movements, i.e. transfers, annual leave, promotions.  
5.  Making fully report to Management on time basis as required. 
Education  : BA  major  in  Human Resources Management or relevant  field, a  master qualification is preferable. 
Good knowledge of international HR Management and good concept of business management. 
−  Experience  : Minimum 08 years’ experience in HR field mainly in international company with the size of 500 to 
1,000 headcounts (including at least 4 year as HR Leadership role). 
Key Leadership Competencies 
  Decision Making 
  Talent Development 
  Influent With Impact 
  Trust Building 
Key Soft Skills  
  Communication Skills 
  Train The Trainer 
  Problems Solving Skills 
  Management Skills 
Key Technical Competencies  
  C&B Management 
  Recruitment & Selection 
  Training & Development 
  Employees Relationships 
Key Relationships 
  HR Staff 
  Management & Employees 
  Client 
  Group HR Team 
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  • Email: nga.vo@talentviet.com