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Sales Engineer




  • Liaise with marketing team to identify potential product/project of solution delivery to customers.
  • Develop connection to key customer accounts.
  • Conduct trials in co-ordination with application engineers to establish the claimed benefits and the values generation.
  • Assist in bulk trials for customers as and when required to help regularize the business.
  • Help in resolving customer complains related improper product application, product quality, pricing, delivery and services.
  • Provide call report, sales report and trial report.
  • Assist sales manager in maintaining MIS, routine works and promotion activities.
  • Help in conduct customer workshop on proper product application to educate users at customer’s end.
  • Assist accountant in collection.
  • Complete missions given by the line managers.


  • Job holder should be graduate /Diploma Holder in Metallurgical or Chemical Engineer.
  • Working knowledge of computer operation is essential.


  • Experience in foundry is a plus.


  • Good command in English and Vietnamese
  • Foundry and chemical knowledge are plus.

Skills & Behaviour:

  • Good interpersonal skill is a must as the job requires getting work done at customer end through interaction with people at various levels in different departments.
  • An understanding of costing would be useful as it would help in demonstration EVC to the customers.
  • Flexibility and anility to work under pressure
  • Professionalism and accuracy in reporting
  • Availability to travel
  • Self-dependent and accountable
  • Hotline: (84)0938800127
  • Tel: (848) 39101126
  • Email: nga.vo@talentviet.com