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Quality Manager


Binh Duong


VC management – Clear alignment and communication of US CQI goals, metrics and strategic direction to Vendor Champions, while tracking their performance to continuous quality improvement.
Quality team management. Clear communicate with Southeast Asia Operations Manager and Company CQI office to set GOALs by giving clear direction to QA/QC team to achieve the goals. Collect and analyze performance metrics and trends analyze data and prepare reports and analysis to evaluate team’s performance and keep continuous improvements.
Develop, implement and communicate effective quality programs while striving for continuous improvement in the quality of work and productivity within QA teams.
Consistently review data and reports with VCs and QA team on the performance to keep continuous improvements, this includes daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and yearly department GOALs and achievements. A large responsibility of reviewing reports will be to ensure corrective action is taken when needed for continuous improvement at all levels.
Full knowledge of Company quality control system tools including: QIS system, Dominator APP and the Company Cutting Registration and Control Plan. This knowledge will be utilized to instruct and manage utilization by VCs and QA teams as well as provide feedback with system development team and US Champions.
Focused continuous improvement of the tools and systems to better push productivity and organize the overall daily work of department. This requires providing continuous training to team members and vendor of the developed system functions with passion and energy.
Drive continuous improvement efforts and provide management with cost benefit analysis, streamlining workflow and have the Standard Operation Procedure set and keep improving to make sure team stay most organized on the quality operation.
Identify continuous improvement and quality-related training needs in Providing the quality-related training within suppliers, QA teams to have each of team stay aligned on the quality standards.
Ability to recognize what needs to be done to meet customer needs and is able to work effectively with internal and external customers. By researching and communicating through the whole supply chain to know the quality expectations from the customer and develop appropriate quality standards and establish clear service standards for customers and operators to manage team stay in this correct approach within daily work.
Communicate with Teams, International Offices  and other areas to ensure consistency in service across the business.
Strong attention to detail, highly organized and ability to prioritize and meet deadlines with a strong focus on reducing / eliminating errors or defects and leading the team stay the same correct track of this.
Strong understanding of the value of technology and its impact on Quality and Continuous Improvement.
Strong project management skills require door dinate the selection, scoping, planning and implementation of Continuous Improvement projects and events to achieve improvements through each project.
Experience in driving change management.
Apply practical and intermediate level knowledge in CI methods to improve quality, reduce cost and improve customer satisfatifaction.
Stay informed of the latest external developments in best practices and help bring those onboard as approriate and needed. Keep improving and stay open discussion with cross functions on the latest information. 
Working closely with the product development teams to excuse new product lanches in Company furniture and develop and implement pre-production review for new product launches.
Work with factory nagement to clearly communicate the Company standards to have vendor bases stay high focus on the continuous improvements of the product quality and the production processes.
Train personnel to properly build and conduct product and process inspections, investigations and audits, effectively solve and improve product/processes through the application of sound Continuous Improvement methodologies.
Maintain reliable attendance
Team development
Must be comfortable working in a fast-paced and demanding environment.
Bachelor Degree or above
Business, Operations Management, Engineering, etc. 
Minimum of 2 years in the Company environment preferred
5+ years previous quality and continuous improvement experience strongly preferred with a strong understanding of process expertise, continuous process improvement and quality assurance methodology and tools.
3+ years team management function as manager or higher position
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